Landing Page for Facebook Ad

Hi, I tried to search this out but couldn’t find an answer, even though I remember reading about it a while back.

I have my main site, and what i’m looking to do is to create a FB ad that links to a temporary landing page for “Mother’s Day Gift Cards” that explains why a gift card with us is a great gift. I want this page to not be part of the navbar like the main site. And the only people who visit the landing page are people who are provided a link in the ad.

So essentially I want to have a page:

I want this page to kind of be hidden and only accessed through people who have clicked on our ad.

How might one go about this?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Create a page, don’t link to it, and set meta robots to noindex. That way if you are using a sitemap bots wont index it.

Thanks for the quick response! When you say don’t link to it, you mean don’t link to it in the navbar correct? And is it as easy as pasting that code in the ‘head’ section?

That depends on if you want people to view the page by following a link on your site. When I run campaigns promoted elsewhere, I don’t typically want site traffic in the mix. Up to you.

That’s where the code needs to go If you want search engines to not index the page.