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Is there a way to disable/avoid searchbots on a weblow page within my site?

Hi webflowers.

here’s my share:

I’m a designer and I want to build a page for more private viewing.
As some of the work has not launched yet, I would prefer it not be searchable thru google, etc.

page is already “hidden” from navigation…
Any advice - outside of “don’t put any text on the page” …?


Go to your site’s site wide SEO settings. Then put this in your robots.txt file:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /url-of-page-here

Change “url-of-page-here” with the page you want search engines not to pick up

Firstly, as always, thanks!

as I’m almost sure I’ll do this wrong… I’ve attached a screenshot.
( I am a massive luddite and web flow is my enabler. )

so, did I get the url right and is there any easy way to check…?

I guess I could go the google and insert one of my copy blocks and search for it, correct?

remove “/”

so the line should just read

Disallow: /pharma


Just to be clear, that robots.txt change will disable search bots from seeing anything in /pharma if you end up setting up subfolders. Another way to block a single page without touching robots.txt is to go into the settings for that page and pop this in the header:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

Read more:…

Edit: Misread the robots.txt advice given; clarified above.

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so sorry, I’m just not following.

you said to “go into the settings for that page and pop this in the header:”
where is “the header” you are referring to?

do you mean into the Meta Discription?

see attached.

scroll down in that panel to the custom code area

ok, see it. terrified to alter it. :slightly_smiling:
so I stick:

where exactly in here? (attached)

right above the style tag.

so I replace the } on line 9?

no. add a new line break on line 1, then add in

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

really hoping I can stop bothering you. Your patience is truly impressive.

Like this:

swap line 1 with line 2

for both our sakes,
hoping you give me the thumbs up on this one…

Yup! You’re good to go :slight_smile:

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