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Label text on checkout page can't be edited

Editing text is usually easy by double clicking, but some text on the checkout page and order block cannot be edited. I need to change a couple of words, but can’t :(. Any tips what to do? Also don’t find anything in settings so I am pretty clueless what to do.

Hmm, the labels on the checkout page should work just like any other page—I just confirmed that I’m able to modify the labels on one of my ecommerce project’s checkout page:

What specifically are you having issues modifying?

All the text in Order Block

Hmmm that’s strange, I’m not able to edit the labels on your project but I have no issues editing them on mine. I didn’t see any custom code or anything else that would lead me to think that’s the issue so I’m a bit stumped :man_shrugging:

Maybe someone from the Webflow team (@magicmark @sabanna @WebDev_Brandon) can chime in on a possible solution, but in the meantime I’d probably recommend reaching out to Webflow Support directly at—or via the Support page below—to have them take a closer look:

Sorry I can’t be of more help, but hopefully you get it figured out quickly :crossed_fingers:

Had this same issue. Discover a solution? :slight_smile: