Checkout page issues

On checkout page it is not possible to:

  1. Edit the name “Country Taxes” to another word (local word)
  2. Edit the name “Discount” to another word (local word)
  3. If you remove “get text” for extra items “shipping” and write “xyz”, it messed up the whole checkout format.

The div / line is non-existing in designer.

In my opinion, this is such a easy fix compared to all the other things under development… yet this step is so important for an eCommerce site to run legally…

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Apologies for the necro, but this is an absolute must. All my attempts to edit that text, using custom code by me or others, haven’t worked in the slightest.

I find the lack of this feature absurd, especially because Webflow doesn’t support multilingual sites, and as such we already have to work with very limited support on that front. Making a site in a non-English language is currently an odyssey and a half, and this only serves to make all the more frustrating.

I’m debating whether I should put this feature on the wishlist… doing that would almost feel like a joke. It’s functionally a bug, which can’t be circumvented (if I’m missing something PLEASE let me know) and that can have legal consequences as well.

I expected better from Webflow. I’m speechless.