Can't edit checkout submit button label

I need to translate the Payment button but the option to edit it’s label just don’t show up. Are there any special trick to edit it?

I click on it and only appears the option to edit “Waiting text”, I believe it’s a Bug. This is the last adjust I need to launch my site in english.

Please help me!

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @Anderson_Gomes_Desig from your request isn’t clear you trying to achieve. If you are talking about Apple Pay you CANT edit its text as it is an image if you talking about pay by browser you can edit it as it has text element without any problem. You can change/replace icon with any .png or better SVG image.

Hi @Stan, I’m talking about the PAY Button (The basic submit button from a ecommerce checkout form). when I click on it, it show only the option to edit “waiting text”, but now the Button Label.

HI @Anderson_Gomes_Desig it is strange behaviour as Submit button text should be editable by double click on text. It is not the possible on your button.

I have tested by deleting things from your button, moving button around to see where issue can be but no luck finally I have ended by adding a new submit button and text is editable as it should be.

I have no clue why you can 't edit yours, and it can be IMO some WF glitch. You can try delete this button and add new add classes and hover actions. This should work

I can’t delete this button:

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 11.59.12 AM

Hi @Anderson_Gomes_Desig do you mean edit this message or…?

The “waiting message” I can edit normally, the problem is that I can’t change the Button LABEL.

Hi @Anderson_Gomes_Desig I have spend about an hour trying to figure out where this setting is but no luck and docs I have went trough aren’t helpful at all.

I do not know why it is too complicated to replace basic text value on button in checkout form. True is that I do not work with WF e-commerce but it should be a simple task even if it will be only one specific place. Hope that someone who is fluent with WF e-commerce can explain where these settings are.

Sorry I can’t help further

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This bug was solved by webflow Team! \o/