KOMOJU implement

I would like to use the payment service called “KOMOJU” with Webflow. Can KOMOJU be implemented using custom code only?

Here is the implementation guide for KOMOJU:

I understand that there is no integration with Webflow. I would like to know if it can be implemented using custom code and would appreciate guidance after reviewing the implementation guide.

If you mean for the purposes of a Webflow ECommerce checkout, probably no.
If it’s not already supported, you won’t be able to add it. The best you can do is submit a wishlist item.

If you can use a different ECom solution, check out foxy.io and Ecwid, they’re much more likely to support KOMOJU.

To integrate KOMOJU directly, you’d need a middle tier which means reverse-proxying your site, and/or building serverless functions so that the interaction with KOMOJU can happen securely. It’s a lot of work and expense you’ll want to avoid if you can. Hopefully foxy or ecwid have the integration you need.

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Hi @taikionz.
Josh with Foxy here. Full details about our seamless Webflow integration available here: https://foxy.io/webflow

We don’t integrate with KOMOJU but we do have 100+ gateway and alternative payment method integrations: https://www.foxy.io/payment-methods

Sometimes, we can do new gateway integrations for a one-off fee. Feel free to email us and we can discuss further: hello@foxy.io