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Klaviyo Integraion - SMS

I’m looking for an automated solution that will take phone numbers from a Webflow form and put them into a signup form I have Klaviyo.

From what I’ve experimented with, Zapier only works for email addresses. It doesn’t add any phone numbers to my client’s signup form and I’d have to add them in manually.


NM. Figured it out. No need for Zapier.

add an EMBED block from the components tab and place it in the canvas. get an embedded form code from klaviyo and paste it in HTML Embedded Code Editor
<div class="klaviyo-form-xxxxxx"></div>

then add the code snippet from the Signup Forms tab in Klaviyo as directed, before the tag on every page you want to display the forms.
<script async type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

the con is that you can’t style the form in webflow, that has to be done in klaviyo’s form builder.