Klaviyo and webflow

Hello is there any way possible to integrate with Klaviyo?
I added custom code for klaviyo pop-ups, everything works fine, but, is there possible send information to klaviyo about unpaid items in cart?
klaviyo have this feature with shopify and many others…
Is there any possible way? Webflow so limited from e-commerce side that makes me sick…

I have no experience with Klaviyo but you can try using zapier, there is no direct integration with Webflow and Klaviyo.


Tried similar tool and there is no option to track if item is added in cart

Hi @ymatiss

I may have a solution but it involves using Webflow standard account and Shopify. I have built a code that integrates the Shopify buy button seamlessly into Webflow and therefore allows you to use all of the great backend customer management options Shopify has plus its integration with other plugins like Klaviyo.

Shoot me a message and we can chat about a posible solution chris@clickyclicks.co.uk