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Add your own keyboard shortcuts to Webflow

Hi there,
I’m heavily into keyboard shortcuts to speed things up.

I guess the Webflow team is still on the fence regarding adding more shortcuts, which I fully understand. However, as a power user I really need some actions, like the ability to focus the class selector input.

Enter Keyboard Maestro, which has the awesome option of not only having your mouse jump to a specific coordinate, but also make it relative to the window. Also, Karabiner Elements is new version of Karabiner, which lets you remap some of the trickier buttons on your Mac. Keyboard Maestro executes the action on Numpad 0, and Karabiner sends Num 0 when I hit Caps Lock. Because, you know, IF I WANT TO SCREAM ALL THE TIME I MIGHT AS WELL JUST HOLD DOWN SHIFT. :smile:

Here’s a video, which I kind realize now doesn’t make too much sense. :wink: But it’s a great feeling to just add 3-4 classes in a row without having to use your mouse.


You can also try my little script