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Keep getting logged out, anyway to log out from other location or workaround?

I have two desktops i work from. I left one on with webflow. According this post we cannot have two open.

Unfortunately, i don’t have access to the old desktop for until a few days later, anyway i can log those sessions off on the other desktop so i can work from this location? This is a problem now as I cannot get any work done.

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I think this is a kind of buggy behaviour. Once you log in from somewhere you will be logged out of the other session not your current one. You will have to contact support for solution.

I am getting kicked out of the current one, per the post its because another browser has it open.

This never happened to me even when I have two browsers open at the same time. I log in into one normally and can work. Then if I go back to another session and try doing something I am logged out of that session. So no, oyu should not be permanently logged out even if you have another session open.

@Kar Are you still experiencing this? It should be as Dram said — when you log into Webflow the old session should close out in favor of the new. If you are still experiencing this can you please contact us with a bug report?

​Thanks in advance.

Actually go this resolved by clearing the browser cache and temporary files.

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