Can't log in because I for got to log off at work

The way in which you have implemented your user security around 1 sign-in per account needs fixing. It is beyond irritating that should I leave work, forget to log off of and need to access Webflow I am done and cannot log in at home. I often do work later in the evening or get last minute requests to update something and I can’t because I have not logged off at work.

Why not design it that if I login somewhere else it logs me off of wherever else I may have been logged in? Seems very straight forward and practical with evading the rules.

If there another solution to this I would love to hear it.

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Hey Matthew,

I never have problems logging in from my laptop, when my PC is still logged in. I believe the Webflow system is already allowing you to log in from a different computer while logged in somewhere else.

Is it possible that you are referring to the problem of editing the same project from 2 different computers?

Is it not possible to remote-desktop/vpn to the work computer and log yourself out from home?

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