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IT Company website feedback

Hello, check out one of my most recent websites built for a friend, based on the ‘entitled’ template. Let me know your what you think. Will release for cloning once I’ve ironed out the creases!


Good job! The hero image at the top might be a bit too large because it took a while to load for me.
I’d also give the show-on-scroll-nav a bit more space at the top and bottom since the two rounded social icons seems a bit squeezed.

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I agree with @StevenP… optimize the hero image more.

And push the mac / win 8 icons / grid / home icons over to the left a little bit.

  • the scroll bar overlap them a little.

Same with the social media icons.

In addition - add more space between the social media icons.

See if you can find a circular twitter icons.

You have a circle for win 8 / mac / facebook - but not twitter.

The hamburger and grid look a little odd… add space there also.