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Filer.js css not loading on page

Hey guys,

I have successfully loaded my filer.js script onto my page, however the css files are not linking, however they are loaded on the page.

@cyberdave this is the script i have gone with.

script instructions:

live site:

You didn’t fully follow the instructions.

You forgot the Javascript initialization code, which you need to paste in Page Settings > Custom Code > Footer Code.

thanks @samliew do you mean this:
<script src=""></script>

The plugin is named “filer” and can be applied to any element. If you are not familiar with jQuery, please, read this tutorial for beginners.

(document).ready(function() { (’#filer_input’).filer();

If you include that, there will be a conflict with Webflow’s jQuery.

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I have applied the code for the box… yet it is still appearing without style… any ideas?

Now you have a JavaScript error because the brackets are not closed properly. Try debugging by using the browser console.

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