Custom JS not visible when published

Hey all,

New to Webflow. Loving it, but having an issue.

I am trying to add custom JS to my site. I am calling JS hosted in Dropbox as well as writing some script directly in the body of the custom code of the page. However, no matter what I do my page just shows a blank background color (blue) of the page instead of the effects of the JS (which is a webgl animation script). The custom code block also is saying the code is “unvalidated” but I have checked its validation and everything looks good. Thoughts?

Anyone know what is going wrong? Thanks in advance.

webflow link:

designer public link:

Check developer console for errors. You are most likely missing something.

checked, no errors or warnings reported…

woah! Mine is not showing that, thank you for heads-up.

Any idea what all of this means? The JS works in Dreamweaver when served as local files, so not sure how the errors are occurring now that they are being served from dropbox.

Apologies for the novice Qs.

You should not be hosting scripts from Dropbox.

Try the GitHub tutorial in the tips and tricks category.

Could it be that you’re logged into dropbox?

Note: I wrote a blog post about using S3 on Amazon Web Services for this sort of thing. You can check it out here…

@samliew still having no luck with this. have tried many of the documented tricks.
@md673 logging on/off does not effect outcome.

The scripts load fine when I go directly to the links so that doesn’t seem to be the issue. Might try putting them into the site’s global custom code settings.

Also, check out the errors in the console like @samliew suggested. I’m seeing three starting with a syntax “import” error. I’m not a JS pro so I’m not sure what that means.

yeah, I’m not a js master either, and am having a hard time decoding those errors.