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JQuery Throwable - Function / Integration

Hello all!

First time posting in the forum so hopefully I get this right & don’t leave out any info.
(Note: No coding experience, fairly proficient in Webflow, just trying to explore & push some limits)

Shared link:

Published site as is:

Basically here’s what’s going on:

I have a test page at the moment that I am prototyping a JQuery “throwable” action in to mess around with its potential for future applications.

I pulled my injected code from Github here:

The code is placed into the page, and retargeted so it’s influencing the correct items on the page but I’m hitting a few stumbling blocks that I can’t figure out.

1: Regardless of what section container I put the elements in (flex box, block, grid etc) when published the “throwable” objects don’t respect the parameters I have set. They will be in the wrong place in the published site (either off to the side, right next to eachother, etc)

So with this I’m wondering if anyone can help explain why the custom code is overriding what I set in the designer, and if there is a workaround.

2: JQuery specific. The throwable elements move upon mousedown regardless of what I have changed in the code. I would like it to be the case that they are static or “locked” until they are clicked, dragged, and tossed. At the moment the begin to wander the second your mouse hits the window.

I’ve searched draggable options here, but haven’t had much success making sense of it (or knowing if I’m looking at the correct stuff at all)

Thanks ahead of time! Appreciate any responses.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Wow, that’s so interesting!

Thanks for the wonderful work.