Jquery.deffered exception

Hi everyone!

I wanna add to my horizontal scrolling an option to use drag as well. I tried to add a piece of java script (which I’ve already used in webflow once and worked fine) to my website and it’s not working for some reason…

when I check the console it says:
jQuery.Deferred exception: Cannot set property ‘_persistentUIState’ of undefined TypeError: Cannot set property ‘_persistentUIState’ of undefined

does anyone know what am I doing wrong?

read only:

thanks a lot !

Moderator Edit — published link: https://69-for-israel.webflow.io/

Please Add:

  • live URL (No way to test custom code by read-only).
  • script docs(Github, article or any reference).

hi Siton!

thanks for the reply, here’s URL

and the script goes like this:
(I followed a youtube tutorial, cant find it now)

const slider = document.querySelector(’.gallery’);
let isDown = false;
let startX;
let scrollLeft;

slider.addEventListener(‘mousedown’, (e) => {
isDown = true;
startX = e.pageX - slider.offsetLeft;
scrollLeft = slider.scrollLeft;


slider.addEventListener(‘mouseleave’, () => {
isDown = false;

slider.addEventListener(‘mouseup’, () => {
isDown = false;

slider.addEventListener(‘mousemove’, (e) => {
if(!isDown) return;
const x = e.pageX - slider.offsetLeft;
const walk = (x - startX)*2;
slider.scrollLeft = scrollLeft - walk;

document.getElementsByClassName(‘animage’).ondragstart = function() { return false; };

Next time wrap you code.

I don’t get any error (But no effect). Add the tutorial link.

This is not bug (Webflow issue) - but custom code issue.

Where is that toolbar to click that button? Don’t see it in the Designer.

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