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"Jerky" horizontal movement on scroll interaction

So I am using IX2 to create a horizontal movement on scroll effect on my page - as you scroll down, 2 elements slide in (during scroll) from either side. The smoothing is set relatively high, so I don’t think that’s the problem.

What happens is, just around 90% into the effect, there seems to be some sort of “jerking” effect where it stops for a second and the scroll kind of jumps alittle. I am not sure I am describing this correctly, but you can see on my home page what I am talking about

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@Mark_Mo_Lerner hey I experienced this in a test interaction… so try to look at your interaction keyframes and how their setup… do your best to put as many interactions in the same phase not so spread out … previously when you add interactions in a “new step” is when the slight jumping or gap occured… this is probably this case for you as well. Especially if your doing scale, move, color steps together combined with hovers and scrolls. I’ve found these need to connect in the same timeframes. Take care.

Thanks. I tried that, but it still seems kind of “jerky”

I turned the smoothing up to 90%, which seems to work ok.

Oh okay glad you found a solution. Which is why I like Webflow a lot, there are many ways to accomplish different actions. Take care.