Horizontal Scrolling Problem

Hi there, I’m doing up a website for a school project and found this to be exactly what I needed in my site. However, after executing every step to the tee, I found myself with this: http://joeys-first-project-2decd7.webflow.io/

My content seems to get cut off and scrolling feels a little iffy, not nearly as snappy and polished as what was shown in the sample site. Is there a way to fix this?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Joey, looks great! You need to adjust the smoothing of the animation. Smoothing is like a smooth delay you get after you scroll. You’ll find the smoothing option on the bottom of the animation you created when you click “done” animating.

Thanks stevo!

Sure thing, I’ll be sure to add that in. However, my main issue is that the content seems to cut off halfway through the horizontal scrolling. I wanted to base my design on the interaction sample that can be found here, the sample provided shows the content in all their glory, but after doing what the tutorial indicated, my content does not show up like how they’re supposed to.

Would you happen to know what seems to be the issue?

I’ve also enabled public viewing on the project which can be found here.