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Scroll on page, with fixed positioned elements

So I have a site with fixed positioned navigation bar (to the left) and a Div container for scrollable content set to float right with 85vw.

When I am in the designer in Webflow, I cant scroll the long div in any way. There is no fancy positioning on this one. Just plain float right.

When exported it works wonders. But not in the designer so it is hard to design anyting below the fold :slight_smile: On some rare occasions, i can suddenly see a scrollbar in the designer, but then on page change it disappears again.

Update: I can make it work, if I set a 20% margin on the main container, as opposed to setting a width…

Any insights on this?


Try pages “Services” and "Products"
Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Fagerlund which page in your site was this occurring on exactly? Could you please post a few screenshots sharing the behavior which you were seeing on your end?

Thanks in advance!

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