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Items Over Flowing Screen On Mobile

Hi Again Guys,

Reposting this as I am really really stuck spent another day trying to fix, please anybody can guide me in the right direction?

Have been using Webflow for around 4-5 years but never been all that good at it as only made simple sites for myself, I believe and I’m having some reall difficulties last few days with a new template I have purchased, basically I have not been able to figure out how to fix certain items over flowing to outside of view on mobile view, also headings overlapping with each other, please see images

Would really be grateful for some guidance on how to rectify before I’m left with no more hair

Link to website :

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Hey @Joey_Guarisco :wave:

On some of your elements, for example About Section > About Elements Wrapper you have a fixed width, which is bigger than the screen on mobile.

You’ve already used 'Max Width on most other elements, so If you also use this here then it should be cool. Check other elements too, just to make sure that you’ve not got a fixed width set on them too :slight_smile:

For the text elements overlapping, you simply need to increase the text height and that should fix it.


Maybe try 60px.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your input happy to say I’ve managed to sort out the headings they no longer overlap thank you :blush:

However I’m still having issues with the over flowing content on mobile view, how do I go about editing the widths as I’ve tried but does not give desired effects

Not sure what your page(s) you’re still having the issue with?

Hi Esteban,

What a mission that was :see_no_evil: finally sorted thank to your guidance

Thank you so much :blush:

Cool! You’re welcome dude