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Issues with styling visited links

I have questions and issues about visited links:

  1. When, if ever, do links become “unvisited”? I would like this to happen after a certain time has elapsed or if the content or styling of the page has changed.
  2. I styled a button to show that it was visited, then decided I didn’t want it. I can’t seem to actually delete the visited state from the selector: it’s always there, with my styling.
  3. To get around (2), I tried to undo the styling. There was no reset, so I ended up “undoing” it by setting the color to the normal, unvisited color. This had an undesirable (but interesting) side effect: since the link was also styled for the hover state, hovering over the link is supposed to change the color. But the visited color apparently takes precedence, effectively neutralizing the hover effect for already visited links! This is a consequence of having a visited style, rather than being able to remove it.

Note: I suppose I might be able to undo the visit styling by going back to a recent backup and proceeding from there. I might do that.

If anyone has any suggestions to offer, they would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I have the exact same problem. Can’t work out a way around it other than make all links the same