Issues with slider not behaving as expected

Have one image in a full width slider that is not transitioning as expected. I have the parameters set the same for all slides(unless I am missing something). All other slides are transitioning correctly but slide number three abruptly slides in instead of cross fading. I have deleted the slide and reinserted but no change in behavior. Also with this one image text inside the container does not move and stop where it is designed to consistently.

Hi, the delete-and-rebuild slide is I think the way to do. I duplicated the 2nd slide, gave it a brand new “3rd slide” class, different from the one you used, transfered the content and applied the relevant background image. Then deleted what’s left of the original third slide. And now it runs smoothly, with only fades and no more slide.

I think if you recreate it with the same 3rd slide class, you run into the issue again. I checked the structure and all I could but I didn’t see anything that would cause it. I sometimes run into this issue when I’m manipulating a slider too much. It’s usually quick to redo with only the good settings.

Thank you, will give that a try. Learning my way around.

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