Trouble with last slider transition not fading

Hi, I am having trouble figuring out why my last slider won’t fade into the first slider. If I change it to the “slide” transition it works but if I use the “fade” transition it skips the last fade and skips right to the first slide.

Any suggestions would be great.

Here is my public share link:

I couldn’t figure it out. Very strange. Someone else recently posted this but no solution explained.

I got it to work correctly by rebuilding from scratch with new style names. Try adding a new slider. Select the highest selector “slider” (dont style the individual slides just yet). Give the main slider the transition settings you want.

Then select the first slide and name it something like “all slides”. Select the second slide and give it the “all slides” style as well. Repeat this for the third. Check to see that all slides still have the same transition as the main slider. Now select the first slide and give it a second style of “slide 1” and change out the background and design as needed. Give the second slide it’s own class and design, and the same for the third.

Doing this seems to have fixed the last transition for me.

Thanks @Port_of_Folio, I tried exactly what you said, it did not seem to work.

However I now noticed something… if you click the arrows and view the transitions very quickly it seems to work correctly, but if you wait a second a click the transition it does not work on the last slide.

I still can’t figure out what is wrong, is anyone able to help with this?

Just in case anyone else is having this issue I wanted to post because I did end up fixing it by re-building the slider.

I believe the issue was that my slider was inside a section, and for some reason that was causing the last animation to not work.

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