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Issues with navbar on mobile

Navbar is flickering, even when I copied it to an empty page:

flickering - what do you mean by “flickering”?..

The page changes by reload (So also the navbar reload each time)(I find the problem also in desktop).

Try to remove the interaction (Without JS the page works fine - so 90% this cause this issue). Anyway looks like this interaction does nothing.



Thank you @Siton_Systems
I mean the menu opens and disappear immediately without me tapping on anything. I deleted all the legacy interactions. I don’t use them anymore. But I still get this issue on mobile.

Do not add endless styles for the base component (You break the layout).

In your case - you set the navmenu to be fixed (Should be like default --> relative)

Keep in mind you use this style 282 times:

In your case maybe start from zero (without endless styles for very simple dropdown).

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Thank you, I just build another menu for mobile. I’m afraid the navbar component is still a buggy feature on mobile.

Hi Asaf
Try to ad easing (in out) to the interaction that open and close the menu