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Navbar Bug Issues on Mobile screen

I need urgent help on the navbar bug. The nav just refuses to work on mobile screens. This is the second time am re-doing this.

Please see my link:

Hi @topelovely, I would recommend changing your Navbar menu type to “Over Right.”

This can be found in the Navbar settings:

Thanks Danro. However, you’ll noticed in my setup, I created submenu with interaction, whenever the user clicks a menu option with a submenu, the hidden div is visible. “See the Search menu. I inserted a form” This setup works perfectly on desktop, but on mobile, the menu disappears on user click, demanding another user click of the hamburger to display the menu. Which is not user friendly. How can avoid this? Thanks in advance.

I would recommend using our dropdown widget to create this open/close state.

Remember, you can also apply IX animations to dropdowns as well! :thumbsup:

Thanks Danro. I did that immediately I posted the question. But I have not yet tested IX with dropdown. Is it possible to apply easing to a dropdown submenu instead of the boring default setup? Or will using IX be applicable. A small sample of using IX with dropdown would be highly appreciated. Thanks.