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White Space and Nav Bar Issues


I’m seeing white space below my footer, but only on the homepage, and only on tablet and mobile landscape. What is strange is that I’ve been working on this site for a couple of weeks, and it just happened yesterday. Not exactly sure why this change came out of nowhere as I didn’t really change anything about the design. Anyone have any suggestions?

Also, on the mobile landscape and mobile portrait, the hamburger menu is not function properly, it is squashed together, and hidden behind the nav bar. Again, since this issue only cropped up yesterday after a couple of weeks of working on this site, I’m scratching my head…

Here is the site link:

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello, Andrew,

because of white space on mobile formats, change the min height of “Intro Header”.


Thanks! that helped a lot!

Hello Andrew,

because of your crashed menu on mobile

– click double on “Final Navigator”
– on the right top side press the button “Element Settings” or “D” on your keyboard
– press “Open Menu”
– go back to the Style Panel or press “S”
– change at spacing “margin top”


Thanks. That solved the problem Really don’t understand how those things changed, but thanks again.