Issue with headings on main header image and top nav not centering

Hello all,

I got a couple of issues with a site I’m working on, hope someone can help here is my preview link.

Ok so here are the issues I’m facing.

  1. topnav, I would like the topnav to centre when on mobile view, but it doesn’t seem to do anything? I could add some padding but I would like it to be centred across all mobile devices.

  2. Header Image section, I added some text to my main header image and would like the text to be at the bottom of the image but just a couple of padding off the bottom, It looks fine in webflow but when I view the website it ends up like this.

As you can see it over hangs.

Hope someone can help.

Best regards,

Hi @Matty, one thing you can do with the topnav, is to give it some width less than 100% and that should center the topnav on the page, as left and right margin is set to auto.

On the text, you might try to give the parent element to the text block a position of relative, and then position the text with absolute position and anchored to the bottom.

I hope this helps, let me know if you get stuck, I am happy to take another look.


  • Really appreciate your reply, I tried the topnav method which fixed it for landscape mobile but not portrait.

  • With regards to the text, I’m afraid I didn’t quite understand what you meant. Sorry I tried what you mentioned but now it just overlaps each other? I dont understand how it looks fine in design view but once its published its completely different?


Anyone else able to help? I messaged support although I guess this is a busy time for them.


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