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Issues with mobile scrolling and collection spacing + Feedback

Hi everyone, I’ve been using Webflow for about 6 months now and really enjoying it. I’m nearly done working on a website for a client and am having a few issues + looking for general design feedback.

First issue: On mobile, when you scroll past a certain point (around the health benefits and research section) suddenly the navbar moves up, halfway off the screen, and you can also move ‘outside’ of the page to the right. It is then broken even if you scroll up until you refresh the page. Could anyone help pinpoint the problem here?

Second issue: I’m building a ‘current products’ page (linked below) and I’m having a few problems. For one, I can’t seem to put any space around the ‘featured’ items without them jumping to being in a single column. Secondly, the ‘all products’ section breaks the positioning of dynamic items so that the second row has one item off to the right by itself. Can’t figure this one out either. Is the container messing things up?

Finally: I’m looking for a general critique of the site, design and structure wise. I definitely felt like I used a few dirty tricks to get the structure/positioning how I wanted (including having to manipulate settings specific for tablet/mobile/etc - which I’m sure is probably causing the first issue) and I’m always looking for advice and ways to improve. Also, if you notice anything I could work on in the general design, branding, wording, etc that would be immensely helpful and appreciated.

This is my first post, so I hope everything is in order and I didn’t request anything out of line. I’ve been reading threads on here throughout this project - the responses and community are amazing!

Bump - Anyone able to help with any of this? :slight_smile:

Hi @jpatt0n Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

First issue: Can you give us a screenshot of this happening? Also, please indicate what browser and device you are testing on.

Second issue:

hope this helps

Thanks so much Pixel, love your live site rebuilds! I’ve attached pics of the mobile issue (with a first image of it not being broken). It seems you can start pulling to the right when you pass the filtration section, but it really breaks when you pass the health benefits section.

Whoops forgot to include: Chrome on a Galaxy S7.

Still trying to figure the mobile issue out if anyone could take a look.

sidebar menu’s get jumpy on mobile too

ugh annoying lol

chrome browser - ipad mini for me

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