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Fix Mobile Nav PLEASE!

Hey, love the product everyone - amazing work.

I’m still pretty new to webflow but am finding some quirky issues that come up when doing what’s necessary to make a great website. (Definitely, not surprising given the complexity of what you’re doing.)

Creating good mobile navs is one of those things… There are definitely issues related to scrolling with the mobile nav open when trying to do something like a full or side screen mobile menu overlay or background. From what I can tell by looking at tons of template examples and great webflows designers work like Anna’s SABdesign - the only mobile menu option that will look consistently good is a drop down, which we have to admit is a little old school. To me it seems this is because, scrolling the website makes things get a bit weird.

It would be great to simply have an in Nav Menu Settings that disabled website scrolling when the mobile nav menu was open or to solve this the issue of making mobile nav menus look good consistently another way. That way we could have more freedom in designing Nav Menus and keep pace with where design is going.

Thanks! You guys rock.



I’m having problems like you