Issues Validating Domain on Webflow Hosted on Cloudflare


I’m having difficulties validating my domain on Webflow, which is currently hosted on Cloudflare. I am in the process of migrating my website from WordPress to Webflow and need to redirect the domain.

Here are the steps I’ve taken so far:

  1. DNS Records in Cloudflare:
  • A Records:
    • @ pointing to (Proxy status: DNS only, TTL: Auto)
    • @ pointing to (Proxy status: DNS only, TTL: Auto)
  • CNAME Record:
    • www pointing to (Proxy status: DNS only, TTL: Auto)
  • TXT Record:
    • _webflow with the correct verification value (TTL: Auto)
  1. SSL/TLS Settings: SSL/TLS mode in Cloudflare is set to Full (strict).
  2. Verification: All DNS records have been triple-checked by myself and another person.

Despite this, I’m still encountering an “SSL handshake failed” error, which has resulted in our website being down.

Is there anything I might be missing or any additional steps I need to take to resolve this issue?

Thank you for your assistance!


What’s the domain? …

Cloudflare is very quick with updates, however it doesn’t appear that you have any of the Webflow settings in your Cloudflare DNS.

CNAME Lookup - Check CNAME DNS records for any domain

No Weblfow A records
A Record Lookup - Check A records for any domain

You do have the TXT verification record though
TXT Record Lookup - Check Text Record (TXT) DNS records for any domain

Thank you for pointing out the DNS records! We updated the Cloudflare DNS settings and got the site working properly.

I appreciate you taking the time to help out.

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