Issues regarding custom cursors, z-index & smoothness

Hi all,

I’ve encountered some issues with my custom cursor, the cursor is always behind the images and the content. I tried to change the z index, but it still didn’t work.

The other issue is that when I hover on works, I want to make another image appear and the cursor disappears. It kind of worked, but it’s very not smooth, when I hover on the items, they just don’t change smoothly as I expect, or sometimes just nothing shows.

I’ve attached the screenshots, along with my read-only link.

Thank you very much! Would be good if someone clever can help look into this problem.


cursor behind image|690x325

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @Yun_Huang !

No problem in my end when i bump the z-index to 99 :thinking:

As for the animation, to get the smoothness, you’ll want to apply the display: none after (and not with) all of the other effects (like opacity). If you don’t, you won’t let the time for the animation to happen !

Also to optimize the animation management, maybe you could apply animation on the classes, and affect children. Kinda broad explanation (tell me if you need me to elaborate more :smiley:), but I hope it helps you !

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Thank you so much for the reply. I’ve tried again, but still couldn’t fix it successfully.

I’ll be grateful if you can elaborate. Which z-index should I look at? and for the animation, I guess I still need more time to play around. Currently, it’s still quite tricky.

Thank you again!

Hi again
I looked at it last night, actually it was a bit more tricky for the z-index. I applied à z-index: 99 to your .Cursor div but then, you couldn’t click on anything since the div took the whole viewport. I guess I would try to change how this custom cursor is made (probably with custom code?)

As for the animation, I got mislead by the images that you had inside your Work item div. The animation was in fact in the .Cursor div, so it may be difficult to do it all with only one animation :sweat:


Yeah, the cursor is a bit tricky, I want to be able to click objects behind the cursor…still doing some more research and explorations.

As for the animation, I figured out a different way to do it, so it’s solved.

Thanks a lot!