Custom cursor hover problem — image hover and link hover


I´m an absolutely webflow beginner and I really need your help.
I designed my new website with a custom cursor.

My mouse cursor is visible on my website, but it always disappears behind the images and links.
I would like the cursor to be visible over the image and over the links when hovering the image.

Is there a code for this or what can I set that it works?

Thanks a lot,

Try to change the Z-index value, may be that works

Thank you @Atharv :slight_smile:

Now cursor is in front— but no hover is working on images and links :frowning:
Any idea?

That’s the thing, you need to play with z-index and you need to came up with that solution as the stacking the section and element make the difference.

Mmmmh thank you.
I tried different z-index numbers – but it doesn´t hover… :persevere:

Found the correct code

.custom-cursor-wrapper { pointer-events: none; }