Issues detected - A records DNS

Hello everyone!

I published a website days ago: no troubles with the CNAME.
Now I have problems with A Records : I am using Aruba DNS .
I texted the A records values in the DNS panel with the “Host” field empty but it doesn’t work…

This is the website:

I’m not an expert in this technical aspects: if anyone made this same procedure, can help me to figure it out?

Thank you in advance and greetings!

This is the link to the Aruba DNS guide: LINK

Here the A Records Panel:

Here the webflow screen:

Looks like the “Name” is not correct. It should be “@”. So the records should look like below


This will make redirect to

Hi @dpstechy,

thanks for the answer: the problem is that I can’t put “@” in the Host field because Aruba doesn’t let me. It needs an alphanumeric value

Ciao Giulia,
scusami se ti disturbo, volevo sapere se avevi trovato la soluzione a questo problema,
spero che tu possa rispondere, cordiali saluti