A Records - Aruba DNS

Hello everyone!

I’m Giulia, I’m from Italy: I’ve already connected CNAME to my website without problems. Now I have troubles with A Records: I am using Aruba DNS.
I’m trying to register the A records in the panel but I can’t enter “@” as hostname… I need an alphanumeric one. What can I do?

I’m not an expert in this technical aspects: if anyone made this same procedure, can help me to figure it out?

Thank you in advance and greetings!

This is the link to the Aruba DNS guide: LINK

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@Giulia_Monco Hi Giulia, how did you do it eventually? :slight_smile: I am having the same problem!

@Giulia_Monco if you found a solution please let me know :pray: :slight_smile:

For future users having the same problem: You just need to delete unnecessary A records (the ones with [vuoto]), and it works.

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Hi, is not possible insert @ in Aruba DNS A record and i keept [vuoto], and is also not possible to inseret www in the CName. how you solve that? thank you so much