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Issue with syntax highlighting in custom code editor

In the header/footer custom code of one websites settings panel - the code i’ve inputted is not colour coded. Is this a bug?

Hi @Diarmuid_Sexton, thanks for the report. I was checking this on a new site, but I am unable to reproduce this:

Could you inform what browser is being used and what operating system? Could you share the link to the site so that I may take a look ?

Can you also try this in incognito mode just make sure it isn’t an installed extension on your browser?

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Hi @cyberdave and @PixelGeek ,

This code seems to be colour coded again now - it’s working properly. However, the header code has strangely disappeared - I didn’t delete it.

Here’s the website

Also, while I have your attention, currently code does not wrap in the any of code editors in Webflow; i.e. the html embed code editor, the custom code for the page header/footer and the custom code for the site header/footer in the website settings.

It’d be nice to have a toggle button that would allow the user to wrap/unwrap the code to make it easier to view and edit.

Just a thought…I’ve made a wishlist item

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