Issue with SSL Certificate


I am building and designing a new site here on webflow for a business that currently has a live website. I just went to their website, and for the first time ever it was showing as unsecure and saying that the SSL certificate just expired today. I have never officially published the new site that I’m building on here, nor do I even have the ownership of the domain from the previous development company that built their current site. I did however just create a read-only link for the site to be able to share in a forum post. And the project name that i’m using here is the same as the current domain.

My question is: Is it possible that, because the SSL cert setting was automatically on for my project, that creating the read-only link somehow revoked the current SSL certificate for the existing live website? Or is it just somehow coincidence that their certificate expired the very same day that I do this.

Any input would be phenomenal!


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Hey @Landon_Goodwill, if you do not have ownership of the domain and no DNS settings point to Webflow, this is coincidence. Creating a read-only link has nothing to do with the SSL certificate.

@choreus Thanks a ton! Wasn’t holding me back in my design process, but glad to not have that floating around in my head while working :sweat_smile:

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@choreus While I’ve got you in this thread, any idea why another post of mine keeps getting flagged as spam?? That one is a more complicated issue with a read-only link to my project, but it has been blocked 4 times now and I can’t figure out why. Especially considering this post wasn’t flagged.

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You’re welcome. I’m glad to have cleared it up.

Looking at your profile, I can see, that you joined the Webflow forum just 5 hours ago. My guess would be, that very fresh accounts can not post links for a certain amount of time in order to prevent automated spam. Also, posting the same thing 4 times within a short period might have something to do with it.

Give it a couple of hours and try again tomorrow morning. If not successful, send me a DM with your issue and I can have a look.

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My thoughts as well. I shot an email to webflow support to see if there were any other reasons/issues but I will try again tomorrow or hit you up! Thanks again!