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Issue with responsive design

Hi everyone, - Working away on my site here using webflow. Between starting with a template (although the site looks nothing like the template now it was nice for inspiration) was great - and the help on the forum’s has been fantastic! I think i’m slowly getting to the end of the site - but i’m really having trouble with the responsiveness on two areas specifically

one where it goes through the size of the company, I think that’s due to how i did the images for the numbers, i’ll play with that, i think i can fix it - but the second -

If you check out the link where the 4 leaders are - and try mobile for example, even though they’re all in flex etc, the layout isn’t adjusting at certain break points - and is doing wonky things in the shuffle.

What did I do wrong?

(well i’m sure you’ll find dozens of things i’ve done wrong - This is my first site using webflow) but particularly with that section?

Let me know, and thank you everyone who’s helped me along during this journey - it’s been a fantastic experience so far!

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hey @Brian_Hutton For div block 83, would selecting Children > ‘Wrap’ under the Layout settings fix this for the mobile version?


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