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Issue with pictures in grid

Hi! I have a strange issue. I have set up my page with pictures in a grid, with containers in every grid section, a link block and a picture. It seems that sometimes when you open the page the pictures have shrunk. Can any one tell me whats causing this issue and how to resolve it. I was looking forward to launching the site today, but with this issue a simply cant… :frowning:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Yeah… I know… I messed up the link… Just remove the first address and you get to my site… My bad :smiley:

You haven’t set a size on the link block. So if you don’t put content in it, it isn’t going to have any size. Set the link blocks to 100% width/height or whatever you want them to be in px.

Thanks for your reply!

What i don’t understand is why it dosent happen every time. It happens occasionally. Any idea why it that way?

because you didnt put text. blocks inside the smaller ones. if there’s no content in them, they will be tiny.