Images popping in and out in designer mode, not showing up when I publish the site (on mobile version)

Hey there,

I’m trying to edit the images/grids on my site so that they are a consistent size and look coherent, but when I edit them the images within the grids will randomly shrink drastically or disappear all together, and Ive published my site and many of the images are not showing up on the mobile version at all- is this a webflow issue? does anyone know why the images would be randomly popping in and out of view/ appearing and disappearing randomly? If anyone could tell me how to get my grids and images sized consistently in a way where the images actually stay sized and appearing correctly on the website that would be tremendously helpful. Thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Is this site wide or a specific image? This usually happens when an image doesn’t have a width property applied. Maybe try setting width on troubled images to 100%.

That did the trick! thanks so much