Images Getting Small when Published

I’ve been having an issue when sometimes I save and publish my website, the images resize to be very small. When I click on the images in the editor, they resize back to normal. I’m not sure why it’s doing this in the first place. It seems to do it randomly so I keep having to check my images on all my pages every time I publish it again to make sure it’s not doing that. It will do this in desktop mode most commonly but it is currently doing it on this page when it is in mobile layout.

Any help would be appreciated!

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I’m not sure why but it could be loading. Your images are over a megabyte and are giant. I’d suggest making them no more than 2000px wide and saving them as a compressed jpeg and sending them through The resulting image should be no more than 350k. That might help the whole issue but it definitely has to be done anyway.

Hey, I had the same issue and fix it giving the image a size.
For example my image was 1584x849 and I put the same value on the size menu of the Image element.
Not sure why but it works good now.