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Issue with Navbar

Hello Webflow Community!

Browser >> Chrome 44
Screenshots >> Included below
Read-Only Link >>

Every time that I load up my website (being changed currently):, it shows a text box that I created by mistake. I can’t find it in the area where you see all of the code, either. Also, the navbar displays white until you pull down on the screen of a mobile device.

Another problem is that I added an animation for the navbar items. When you hover, they are supposed to move right by 18 pixels. When I try it in the editor, it works. When I publish it, it does not work.

I appreciate the assistance!

Hello @MinewireNetwork

For your first question, can you give me a screenshot of where you’re seeing this textbox?

For your second, with mobile screens, hover effects do not occur since mobile screens cannot detect a hover interaction.

Hope this helps :smile:

First: They screenshot is above. It is black text that says “Fun Factory”
Second: I meant on a computer that it wouldn’t show up. I know that it does not show on mobile.


I fixed it, thank you for all of the assistance!

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