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Issue with link colors

I am new to webflow and designing my first site. I am having trouble getting my link colors to display as I would like.

Here is my site ->

I would like the links to be: #1a1a1a and #0C21FF on hover.

Currently there is a “Current” link showing up purple, and other links showing blue.

If someone could help that would be great! Thanks!

Please post a read-only link so we can see the links.

To add link colors. On the element, click styles and it’s on the top right corner called “States”. The drop down has a hover. Only on the css styles screen is for hover. When you want to change back, you need to click back to “None”, which is normal.


Sure, which link do you want to start with? I see nav, so you just want them all to hover with:

#0C21FF on hover

I would like all links to #0C21FF on hover but there are also some links that are purple that I want to stay #1a1a1a.

Okay which links to stay purple, which ones, please be specific. The others are set to #0C21FF.

I am having the home link show up purple. I think it has something to do with being a visited link.

I also have other links showing up blue even when not hovered (see screenshot)

I just responded to your other post as well. I take a quick video of it for you to see.

It’s just the class names of the links.

  1. Text Block
  2. Nav Dropdown
  3. Dropdown Toggle

This will give you different css styles. Also underneath the css class input, you can see how many elements are effected by a style:

These 3; Home, Contact, Make Payment are all class of “Text Block”. You can click that little cog, on the Canvas, it will show where they are. Using a pink outline. But you can see, there’s a “6 on other pages”. That’s where the styles are coming from.

I got it to work. Removed the elements and started fresh. Then was able to use the new class and wrote custom css for the visited links.

Thanks for your help!

Awesome! Take care @Nate_Ruben

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