Issue with layout & navigation


I’m having issues creating a very simple landing page with just some buttons and a sticky nav.

On mobile, I need the navigation bar to display a hamburger menu on the left and my logo in the centre. I’d like this logo to only shrink a tiny bit, not too much.

On desktop, I need to have the logo on the left and the hamburger menu on the right. This is so that I can keep it consistent with one of the pages I plan on linking my website to; the beatstars page design:

If the above request is too crazy (i.e. menu & logo can’t jump around, then I’d like to know how to keep hamburger menu on the left and logo in the middle. I’ve tried using a video sent from support in conjunction with another forum post whereby it said to use 3 divs, set the flanks to 45% and the centre to 10%, but my logo goes weird).

Also I’ve just noticed that my drop-down elements now don’t drop-down - would appreciate to know how I can get those back lol

I have some simple buttons and an image placeholder in a container. However, I can’t seem to center-align the image in the container - it ends up somewhere on the right. Any ideas how to get all of my content in the middle?

I’m assuming the above are just dumb questions,

Thanks for your help

Add a screenshot of the result you want (For both issues).


Navbar mobile logo in the center - By flexbox, you could solve this (Change the order on mobile last first - and use margin-left/right auto to align center).


No way to answer (Add screenshot) + The name of the element in your site tree.