Container with text not responding


I’ve been having some problems making my container responsive specifically on mobile landscape breakpoint.

Also, how do I center align the hamburger menu with the brand logo on the nav bar and retain it’s alignment through all breakpoints?

I am a graphic designer and quite new to Webflow and I don’t have any coding knowledge.


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi Franchesca,

Set the Navbar layout display to Flex Horizontal, align Centre.

Also, your Menu Button (and icon) have a lot of properties applied throughout the breakpoints (paddings, margins, width, height, max width/height, typography sizes etc.). This is over-complicating the layout and forcing the icon off-centre.

Try a simple width/height setting for the button eg. 30px x 30px and remove the other settings which are applied - this will horizontally align your icon.

Hope this helps. :grinning:

Thank you, it worked. My issue now is I couldn’t place the objects inside the nav bar on both ends (left and right) Kindly refer to the screenshot

  1. Set the Navbar layout to Flex Horizontal.
  2. Inside the Navbar set the Brand element Flex Child property to ‘Grow if possible’ (and align the actual logo itself to left).

This will solve the issue.