Issue with creating Symbol with a right click

Awesome that’s a great improvement, but there is still an issue with the way we add symbols. Lets say I want to add a section with all its element inside, but the front divs cover 100% the section, the right click at symbol does not work as it selects the front div every time :sweat:
I think you need to bring back to button in the symbol tab that said “add symbol” as an option and not just the right click add…

See gif


I also would like to see either (1) a button to create symbols in the symbols panel or at least (2) some help text/tooltip in the symbols panel that provides the keyboard shortcut instructions lol

I agree with the original poster. I am having the same issue when I attempt to create a symbol…it does not select the main container rather it selects the div inside the main container. Please add the option to create symbol with the button again.

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@daniel_cleayweb @Aksaunders

Can’t you add a symbol using the shortcut Cmd+Shft+A on the keyboard?


This solves the issue perfectly. Booyah!

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