How to make a symbol now?

I know where symbols is located now, but when I select the element I want to turn into a symbol, right-click, create new symbol, it makes a symbol of an element inside of the object. I tried to right-click on the element in the Navigator but that doesn’t work either. Worked better before when I could go to the control panel and make it a symbol. This right-click thing isn’t working. Am I missing some easy step? Shouldn’t there be a simple plus symbol at the top of the list or something?

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never mind. figured out cursor has to be perfectly positioned on the bounding box edge before right clicking. bit of an annoying UI if this is the only way to make a symbol.

You can also select the element and use the keyboard shortcut CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+A


Ah, thank you! Much easier than trying to position and click.

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wouldn’t a button make more logical and cognitive sense? or maybe a sign that says “to add symbol do abc”

smh cmon guys.

So true! I have to come back to this post to remember what the dang key-command is :confused:

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