Captcha solution for any backend (no more spam!)

We started getting spam in our contact forms when we set up a Webflow form to send data to GHL. I realized why - Webflow and GHL both implement captcha when you’re passing data within the same product, but once you have a different front end and backend, there’s no way for them to know about each other and implement a captcha.

I was thinking about this and realized that I can build a general Captcha backend that can work for everyone. Our server stores the destination URL encrypted, and when you send your request you provide the key to look it up. So the URL is never visible publicly and our service only forwards to it if the Captcha succeeds. This should solve the spam problem, and you don’t need to implement your own server.

So I’m curious: If you had a captcha solution that you could use with any destination URL and didn’t have to build a server for, would you pay $5/month for that?

I’m thinking $5 for 3 sites, $10 for 15 sites, $20 for 100 sites. There would be some volume limit as well, so if you have a particular high volume site or over 100 sites you would fall into the “call us” category.

I’m curious to know how many folks are running into problems with spam on contact forms, and what’s your setup, what are you trying to do? Why aren’t existing solutions working for you?

For anyone that wants to try it out, get in touch at and you can try it for free. I haven’t built account access or billing yet, so anyone that wants to poke around is welcome. Google Recaptcha V3 is tested and working.

Would love to get people’s feedback on this and whether it solves a problem for you personally.

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Have sent you an email. sounds interesting.