Is Webflow Website Maintenance a Thing?

We are starting a design collective utilizing Webflow and the topic of website maintenance services came up. We have provided Wordpress maintenance services in the past but would Webflow maintenance plans or packages be a thing?

With Wordpress, plugins or themes will get long-in-the-tooth and cause problems. Do folks anticipate there will be equivalent issues with Webflow sites?

Does Webflow mean the end of website maintenance plans — at least from a technical point of view? It would definitely press us to find recurring revenue with content and other services.

Would love to hear people’s thoughts.


Technologically there’s not much to do. Most of the work is in minor improvements, updates, ongoing SEO and SEM, reviewing Analytics to understand user patterns, make improvements, A/B testing, ongoing optimization, etc.

With Webflow you don’t really have to care about security and compatibility between plugins like you have to do in Wordpress. Webflow doesn’t really have plugins, so you don’t have this problem.

I launched 12 websites now and I never had to do maintenance after launching the website except one time when I used a third party tool via Zapier that changed its product at some point.

Security is updated automatically by Webflow, so you don’t have to care about this aswell.

Oh… actually Webflow just announced something like a plugin-market. They call it “Apps”: Webflow Apps - Webflow

Since this is very new though I don’t know if you have to maintain them somehow…