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Is this possible? infinite animation and page scroll following mouse pointer

I love the parallax feature on this website and im wondering if its possible to do this with webflow? Notice how the page scroll follows the mouse and the parallax(or not) animation is infinite.

Hey @gotaro

First things first: Anderson Paak is awesome :slight_smile:

Onto the site: the page is built using Parallax JS. Infact the Parallax JS demo is a very similar implementation to Pak’s site:

I don’t think you’d be able to recreate this natively in Webflow without using custom code. It’d perfectly do-able using the custom code feature in Webflow however, but you’ll need to be fairly well versed in using data attributes or JQuery (2 ways to implement - depends on which you prefer) to get things working as they should. You can find the documentation here:

Thank you for your reply! Ill look into those links. That demo site you posted is amazing!