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Creating a "Drag" effect in scroll


Does anyone know the custom code you would need to create a sort of drag on scroll effect like on this page -



That looks like a Parallax effect to me – where an image (background, usually) scrolls at a different rate than the rest of the page.

Webflow does not currently support that. But if you search for Parallax here in the forum, you’ll see quite a few discussions and options for custom code.

Hope this helps.

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You could add a delay, scroll type of interactions to mimic this site. It would take some patience to sort out the timing but you would want to set the interaction original position down and then on scroll have it return to original position.

The entire page is built inside a div called parallax-scroller.

On mousewheel scroll it has the animation to move entire div that is positioned fixed up or down. It has an ease-out effect with 1000ms time to have a smooth scroll effect.

If you combine this with the mousewheel.js

You can get that effect :)


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